• The PROGEBA project development and trading company implements projects on building and trade among Germany, Ukraine and the CIS.

  • In the architectural sector it deals with residential and industry objects in Germany, beginning with the plot finding and finishing with the turnkey delivery, including all required services. In the Western European countries and Ukraine the company develops building projects on the residential, commercial and industrial facilities for selected plots as well as logistic centres and port facilities. The already existing industry facilities can be taken over and adapted to the other purposes. Our business activities cover a huge area of services - the plot finding, all required permissions, coordination of the necessary licenses, a tender, construction supervision according to German quality standards and the turnkey delivery of an object, as well as many other services, needed to provide the guaranteed and smooth fulfilment of a project. The well-established cooperation with the well-known engineer and branch offices abroad guarantees the best results.

  • The PROGEBA Ltd offers the European companies,going to establish a branch office in Ukraine, an entire service package in order to avoid countryspecific barriers. Our long lasting contacts to decision-makers and specialists in Ukraine make it possible to save the expanding companies the troubles and offer a ready-to-operate firm in the country with strong growth potential. The client has a possibility to use the PROGEBA Ltd experience of work with complex Ukrainian structures. Our complete personnel and a multilingual team of advisers/consultants with a market analysis, a marketing concept, subcontracting firms etc. are at your service to make the location of Ukraine profitable.
  • Another focal point of the firm is commodities trade. Provided are all services needed for raw materials, semi-finished goods, manufactured articles and building materials: customs clearance, logistics procedure, possible temporary/intermediate storage, even subsequent goods processing.